We put young people’s health and well-being back in their hands

Often, socio-economic barriers prevent young people in developing countries from accessing adequate sexual and health-related information and services needed to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Young people are also often judged and stigmatised for doing what young people do, like having sex and relationships, among other things. This leads them to seek help from friends and the internet — both of which tend to be unreliable sources of information.

Wrong or substandard healthcare information leads to unhealthy behaviours, and a lack of proper access to resources doesn’t do anyone any good. In fact, it contributes to avoidable health concerns like unplanned pregnancies and the spread of HIV and other STIs, for example.

That’s why we’re building a world where every young person is empowered to safely navigate the exciting, sometimes complicated road of sex, identity, relationships, and well-being.

We understand, predict, and address young people’s ever-changing needs

We work across WhatsApp and Facebook to deliver tailored, dynamic information, advice, and support. Users can easily alternate between secure, private conversations with our SmartBot on WhatsApp or discuss topics openly with their peers on Facebook at any time.

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How we reach young people

Our easy-to-use digital platform integrates seamlessly into existing healthcare systems, connecting young people with physical healthcare resources, facilities, and practitioners through a medium they’re already familiar with – social media.

In this way, we deliver healthcare-related information and resources to help young people better understand, improve, and come to terms with their:

Sexual & Mental health
Identity & sexual orientation

We leverage data and behavioural science to keep young people engaged

Our platform is constantly learning and evolving to serve our user’s ever-changing needs. As their health and circumstances change, so does the content they receive.

They can also ask questions, select topics to learn about from an extensive menu, or take quizzes to test their knowledge.

They're rewarded with praise and recognition whenever they do something positive. This is how we keep them motivated and engaged with our platform.
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*In South Africa, Young Africa Live is licensed and operates as B-Wise.

Theory of change

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